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0도에서 360도까지 프로그램으로 조절 가능(분해능 0.2도)

RotatIR – Automated Rotating Sample Stage

- 0도에서 360도까지 프로그램으로 제어 가능(분해능 0.2도)

- 2 x 3” 사이즈의 슬라이드 마운트 방식

• Automated selection of sample transmission angle
• Programmable from 0 to 360 degrees with resolution of 0.2 degree 
• Automated collection of spectra at the defined angle of transmission via AutoPRO software
• Compatible with most FTIR systems


The RotatIR features a standard 2 x 3” slide mount for easy positioning of different types of transmission sample holders. The PIKE RotatIR accessory is designed to fit most FTIR spectrometers. Please contact us for more product details.

The Dual RotatIR is designed for the transmission measurements of thicker optics. As the beam passes through an optic placed at an angle, the refractive index of the optic will cause the beam to refract and as a result of this beam displacement only part of the beam could striking the spectrometer detector. By placing two testing optics at equal angle, the first optic will displace the beam and the second optic returns it to a position which may be effectively focused on the FTIR detector.


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