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MappIR and MAP300
투과 혹은 정반사(SR)
Wafer의 Automated Mapping 기능 사용 가능
거의 모든 FT-IR

The MappIR is a fully automated accessory for the mapping analysis of wafers. Sampling may be performed in specular reflection or transmission mode. This accessory fits inside the sample compartment of most full size FTIR instruments. It can accept wafers up to 8 inches (200 mm) in diameter. Contact PIKE for custom mounts. Precision motion may be programmed in R-theta or Cartesian coordinates using the PIKE AutoPROTM software. The optics of the accessory are purgeable, and fully purgeable enclosure for the sample is optional.

Automated transmission and specular reflection mapping of wafers

Up to 8 inch wafers

Custom wafer mounts available

MappIR and MAP300 – For Automated Analysis of Semiconductor Wafers


• Complete hardware and software package for automated, multi-position measurements and mapping of semiconductor wafers
• 8-inch (200-mm) and 12-inch (300-mm) semiconductor wafer handling.
• Optional inserts for wafer sizes from 2 to 12 inches
• EPI, BPSG, oxygen and carbon determination
• Specular reflectance and transmission sampling – standard
• Purgeable accessory for removal of atmospheric interferences
• USB controller interface

Advantages of the AutoPRO Package
• Graphical and intelligent user interface for setting up mapping patterns
• Selection of wafer size, IR beam diameter and edge exclusion
• Operator-selectable or pre-defined multiple point maps
• Polar and/or Cartesian coordinates options
• Real-time display of the experiment status
• Ability to save and recall various experimental patterns
• COM-enabled interface for use with macros/scripting
• KLA and CSV file importer



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