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UV-Vis DiffusIR
Diffuse reflectance
난반사가 일어나는 고체 샘플, 분말
특 징
촉매 및 반응 연구
W 102 x D 225 x H 201 mm

UV-Vis DiffusIR


.  일상적 측정과 연구를 위한 악세사리

.  촉매 및 반응 연구를 위해 고온 및 저온 환경 챔버 용으로 구성 가능

.  Optical Design: 3X ellipsoidal

.  입사각: 30도

.  Sample Focus: Micrometer

.  Sample Positions: 2 positions, slide stoops for background and sample with no purge loss

.  Sample Cups: Micro 6 x 1.6 mm deep / Macro: 10 x 2.3 mm deep


Environmental Chamber Specifications

.  Temperature Range, HTV: Ambient to 500 or 1000°C

.  Temperature Range, LTV: -150 to 500°C

.  Heating Rate, Maximum: Up to 120°C / minute, HTV

.  Window Size: 32 x 3mm disk

.  Leaking rate: < 6.0 x 10-11 pa m3/sec

.  Sample Cup size: 6.0mm OD, 4.0mm height / 4.7mm ID, 2.0mm depth



.  10041-10XXX UV-Vis DiffusIR Accessory includes sample preparation kit with 2 micro and 2 macro sample cups, sample loading tools, alignment mirror, 35mm mortar with pestle and KBr powder

.  Temperature Control Modules 등 선택 가능



.  Options


 Part Number



  UV-Vis DiffusIR Environmental Chamber, HTV, ambient to 500°C


  UV-Vis DiffusIR Environmental Chamber, HTV, ambient to 1000°C


  UV-Vis DiffusIR Environmental Chamber, LTV, -150 to 500°C


.  Temperature Control Modules


 Part Number



  Digital Temperature Control Module


  PIKE TempPRO Software


  Liquid Nitrogen-Cooled System and Temperature Control Module DiffusIR Environmental Chamber, LTV, -150 to 500°C


.  Replacement parts and Supplies


 Part Number



  Liquid Recirculator


  Sample Cup, Micro, 6mm diameter, 1.6mm deep


  Sample Cup, Macro, 10mm diameter, 2.3mm deep


  Abrasion Sampling kit


  Abrasion Disks, silicon carbide


  Abrasion Disks, diamond


  Sample cup holder and base


  KBr powder, 100g


  Sample preparation kit


  Flat sample post


  Alignment mirror, aluminum


  Rotary pump for vacuum insulation


.  Replacement Parts and Supplies


 Part Number



  Disk, KBr, 32x3mm


  Disk, ZnSe, 32x3mm


  Disk, UV-Vis SiO2, 32x3mm


  Disk, SiO2, 32x3mm


  Disk, low OH SiO2, 32x3mm


  Disk, CaF2, 32x3mm


  O-Ring for UV-Vis DiffusIR chamber


  O-Ring for UV-Vis DiffusIR chamber cooling line


  Ceramic Cup for UV-Vis DiffusIR chamber, porous


  Alignment Mirror for UV-Vis DiffusIR chamber






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