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Basics Horizontal ATR
Multiple reflection
액체, 페이스트, 필름, 파우더 등

Basics Horizontal ATR


.  액체, 페이스트, 필름 및 분말의 분석

.  샘플 준비 최소화

.  Flat top plate, Trough top plate 선택 가능

.  80 x 10 x 4mm ZnSe crystal, Ge 선택 가능



.  120015-4713 Basics Horizontal ATR, trough plate with ZnSe ATR crystal prism

.  120015-4714 Basics Horizontal ATR, flat top plate with ZnSe ATR crystal prism with clamp assembly




 Part Number 



  ZnSe 80mm x 10mm x 4mm ATR Trapezoid, 45o


  Recognition System add-on for any spectrophotometer, for use with the Basics Horizontal ATR


  Trough Top Plate with ZnSe ATR Prism


  Flat Top Plate with ZnSe ATR Prism


  Powder Press for Trough Top Plate


  Clamp for Flat Top Plate


  Volatiles Cover


  Heated ZnSe Trough Top Plate to 100°C


  Heated Trough Top Plate Package


  100 Microliter Flow-Through top plate


  500 Microliter Flow-Through top plate


  RS-232 or RS-485 communications interface for use of controller with personal computer