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1600 - 2400nm (6250 - 4170cm-1)
Diffuse reflectance
19.6 x 11.4 x 6.1cm / 1.25kg
Tungsten light bulb, safe for operators and sample integrity
Interchangeable, rechargeable 5+ hours lithium-ion bat tery pack

microPHAZOR Portable NIR Spectrometer 휴대용 근적외선 분광광도계


. Handheld NIR Spectrometer, 측정시간 약 1~2초로 빠르고 조작이 간편

. 샘플 형광에 영향이 적음

. (옵션) 액체 분석을 위한 Vial holder 장착 가능

. (옵션) 검증문서(IQ/OQ/PQ) 및 표준 작업 절차 제공




micro PHAZIR은 Handheld NIR spectrometer로 측정시간은 약 1-2초로 매우 빠르고 조작이 간편하여 산업 및 제약현장에서
유용하게 사용된다.
- Housing : High-strength, dust proof/splash proof plastic housing
- Light Source : Tungsten light bulb, safe for operators and sample integrity
- Samples Mode : Diffuse reflectance, optional adapters for liquids
- Batteries : Interchangeable, rechargeable 5+ hours lithium-ion bat tery pack.
- Measurement Time : Less than 3 seconds
- Data : Download Data and Applications sy nchronization via PC USB connection
- Weight 2.75 lb. (1.2kg)

The 2.75 lb (1.25 kg) microPHAZIR PC Analyzer for Plastic/Polymer Identification is a completely self-contained, powerful and cost-effective tool for the proper sorting and recycling of post-industrial and post-consumer polymer materials and carpet fibers.

Save Time
Rapid and accurate results displayed within seconds.

Easy to Use
Simple point-and-shoot operation designed for non-expert users, the analyzer is fully automated, precalibrated, and requires no user input.

Small and lightweight for fast identification of materials in the field or at the sorting facility.

No sample preparation or burn test necessary, NIR is fast, safe and nondestructive.

Identification of a variety of plastic types, including: 
PLA, PET, PP, PS, ABS, PI, PSO, PE, PPS, TPV, PTT, PC, PMP, PBT, PA, PETG, SAN, EVA, PB, PPO, CA, Nylon, PMMA, PUR, PI, PVC, PVA, PLA, Ionomer, Pollyalomer, Vinyl, Styrenic terpolymer, Elastomer



1.2 Specifications
microPHAZIRTM Handheld NIR Analyzer
Spectral Range 1600-2400nm (6,250 – 4170 cm-1
Pixel Spacing 8nm
Optical Resolution 11nm
Stray Light <0.01%
Measurement Interface Diffuse reflectance
(Optional, Liquid Vial Adapter)
Contact Thermo Scientific for application specific probes
Weight 2.75 lbs. (1.25 kg.)
Hardware Interface Mini-USB communication port for Windows XP or Vista data
A/D Converter 24 bit
Detector Single InGaAs
Display Color LCD transflective 3.5” diagonal dimension; Black & white rear
LCD display
Controls Scan trigger, 4 navigational buttons, 2 soft buttons, main power
Battery operational life At least 6 hrs. full operation with new charged battery.
Built in features for extended non-operational power saving
Batteries Rechargeable / swappable Lithium-Ion
Battery charger 110/220 AC to 8.4V DC
Recharge time 3.5 hrs. from depleted to charged
Reference method Automatic calibration using internal reference
Light source Replaceable harmless Tungsten bulb
Water Resistant: Designed for IP 54 (International Protection Rating).
Operating Temp Range 5 to 40°C.
Storage Temp Range -20 to +70°C


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