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Praying Mantis
Diffuse Reflectance
촉매분석, 분말, 난반사 샘플을 고온, 고압, 저온 상태에서 반응가스를 주입하며 실험
특 징
온도조절 고온챔버 910°C까지, 저온챔버 -150°C ~ 600°C까지

Praying Mantis Research Grade Diffuse Reflectance Accessory


.  전세계에서 가장 많이 사용되고 있는 액세서리 중 하나, 촉매반응실험에 특히 많이 사용되고 있음

.  Highly efficient collection system and minimizes the detection of the specular component

.  100도씨 이상에서 실험시에는 수도, Water Recirculator, Water Chiller 등을 연결해야 함



.  11DRK-3-XXX Diffuse Reflection Catalysis Package, 110V

.  11DRK-4-XXX Diffuse Reflection Catalysis Package, 220V

.  11DRP-XXX Praying Mantis™ Diffuse Reflection Accessory

.  (Option) High Temperature Reaction Chamber, High Pressure Dome, Low Temperature Reaction Chamber




 Part Number



  Ambient Chamber(FTIR) for Praying Mantis


  Ambient Chamber(UV-Vis-NIR) for Praying Mantis


  Sample Cup for Praying Mantis


  Sampling Accessory Kit for Praying Mantis


  Microsample Cup and Funnel for Praying Mantis




High Temperature Reaction Chamber

. Designed for operation from high vacuum to high pressure up to 3.44 MPa(when use with optional High Pressure Dome)

. Achieves temperatures up to 910°C

. Three inlet/outlet ports provided for evacuating the cell and introducing gases

. Made from chemically resistant 316 stainless steel

Praying Mantis Catalysis Research Diffuse Reflectance Package

. Praying Mantis + High Temperature Reaction Chamber + Temperature Controller

Low Temperature Reaction Chamber

. 온도 : -150 ~ 600도씨

. Three inlet / outlet ports, made by 316 stainless steel